Sandra Fekete

Sandra Fekete, CEO and Partner

With years of experience as a marketing strategist helping companies get and keep customers and assessing their personality and culture, Sandy Fekete is well aware of what companies and individuals need in order to thrive. As an entrepreneur since 1983, she knows first-hand what it takes to start and build a company from the ground up. And as a Professional EOS Implementer (Entrepreneurial Operating System), Sandy helps entrepreneurial companies define and clarify their vision, and equip them with the tools to achieve that vision with focus, discipline and accountability from a healthy, functional, cohesive leadership team.  She is an experienced a panel moderator, speaker and facilitator in the following areas:

  • Professional EOS Implementer
  • Corporate personality and culture
  • Articulating and living mission, vision and values
  • Positioning and messaging
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing strategy

To contact Sandy, email her at

Bill Kiefaber

Bill Kiefaber, President and Partner

Bill has more than two decades of marketing and communications experience, particularly in the digital realm, and advocates for both personal and corporate philanthropy in and out of the office. He is active on a number of boards and volunteers his time with a variety of non-profit organizations. Bill enjoys sharing his experiences and speaking on topics in the following areas:

  • Marketing planning and strategy
  • Marketing automation
  • Social media
  • Digital marketing trends
  • Lead generation and lead nurturing
  • Community trusteeship
  • Community involvement and service

To contact Bill, email him at

Brenda Stier-Anstine

Brenda Stier-Anstine, Founder and Partner

As a business owner and public relations professional, Brenda has over 25 years of experience growing and enhancing her clients’ businesses as well as her own. Her passion for philanthropy makes her an advocate of social service and giving back to the communities that support and help businesses thrive. A seasoned emcee and panel moderator, Brenda also enjoys speaking on topics in the following areas:

  • Work-life balance
  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Social service
  • Public affairs

To contact Brenda, email her at

Stacy Wood

Stacy Wood, Vice President, Strategy

Our Vice President and strategist knows a thing or two about turning brainstorms and ideas into reality. Stacy’s numerous specialties range from ever-changing industries like workers’ compensation and technology, to marketing and sales positioning and strategies. She is always happy to speak to her experiences on the following topics:

  • Lifecycle and Customer Journey
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Technology
  • Marketing strategy
  • Gaps between sales and marketing
  • Visibility and positioning campaigns
  • Knowledge marketing
  • Selling with LinkedIn
  • Industry analysts

To contact Stacy, email her at