“Marketing Works approaches everything they do like they are an actual employee of your company. If I had to narrow it down to a few words I would say…. Invested, Genuine, Big Picture Thinkers, Strategic, Invaluable, Partner.”

— Michelle Woods, Strategic Marketing Planning, Digital Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media Executive



Grange 4350 million new photos are uploaded to Facebook each day. This presents a challenge for companies on Facebook, including independent insurance agents, as they are competing to capture the attention of users. Keeping one’s target audience top-of-mind is crucial to the success of their social presence, as they must create copy and imagery that is relevant, attractive and meaningful to their niche group.

A top priority of Grange includes equipping its independent agents to sell by providing the right tools and resources. With this in mind, Grange developed a social media campaign for its PinPoint Auto® product that would serve as a resource for agents while also providing an opportunity to test the messaging and Facebook engagement with each agents’ followers.



Marketing Works created a Facebook pilot campaign leveraging unconventional, out-of-box imagery leveraging both Grange branding and product specific branding. Because Ohio is a major region for Grange Auto Agents, three top agents from the state were selected to participate in this pilot. Testing the campaign’s engagement with these agencies’ Facebook fans would allow Grange to determine what messaging worked best and what would needed to be shifted prior to launching product-specific social media to all Grange agents.



Work in Progress…



Work in Progress….