WorkComp logo FA avatar-01We get it. Workers’ compensation is a highly competitive and complex industry. For your organization to succeed in this constantly evolving market, you need a strategic marketing partner who has a deep understanding of the various aspects of the industry. Our workers’ compensation practice group, WorkComp Marketers, has the specialized experience you need to more effectively reach your target markets.

Here’s why WorkComp Marketers is different:

  • We have more than 30 years of experience with branding, positioning, marketing, public relations, and writing content for companies that target the workers’ compensation market.
  • We have a deep knowledge of constantly evolving legislative and regulatory activities.
  • We understand what it takes to reach payers, adjusters and injured workers.
  • We can assist with merger and acquisition messaging and positioning.
  • We won’t work with your competitors.
  • Our dedicated team serves as an extension of yours by providing the marketing and public relations services you need to reach your audiences

We bring together the best and brightest in workers’ compensation marketing to collaborate and deliver results based on how you define success.

Contact us to learn how you can leverage our knowledge to move the needle for your company.


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