3 Goals for Marketing Internships

My name is Lesley Horstman and I am excited to kick off my next adventure as the Marketing Works intern! I graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing. I am from the Columbus, Ohio area, and was born and raised an OhioState fan! Since I was a Marketing major in college, I knew an internship at a marketing agency would be the perfect fit for me.

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My past work experiences have provided me with several marketing skills – social media, event preparation and tradeshow coordination, copywriting and graphic design. During the next few months of my internship I am eager to expand my knowledge in the marketing field and develop my skills further. More specifically, I am excited to learn about the following:

  1. Public Relations: I have a little bit of experience with PR but I would really like to enhance my skills and dive into the behind-the-scenes piece, i.e. developing successful PR strategies.
    Goal #1: Learn how a press release can be a resource to industry publications and create a strong buzz about a company’s initiatives.

  2. B2B Marketing Expertise: I am excited to see what it is like to work for a marketing agency where business-to-business marketing is a main focus. I am eager to work with different clients in various industries.
    Goal #2: Learn which types of marketing techniques work best for each company.

  3. Improving Social Media Marketing Skills: Social media is constantly changing and updating in conjunction with enhancements in technology. Each social media channel targets a specific audience and serves a unique purpose. Because of this, social media strategies are developed based on what we know about each outlet and how we appeal to the end user. For example, Twitter is more of a “short & sweet” approach to pushing out bits of content, whereas Facebook posts provide more visuals with your information.
    Goal #3: Continue to enhance my social media skills and learn about effective strategies to encourage more engagement, more followers, sharing, etc.

These are just three main areas in which I want to focus, but I am sure I will learn much more at Marketing Works. My internship is already off to a great start and I am really enjoying working with the team! If you are starting a new internship or job, what are some things you are looking forward to learning about? Let us know in the comments section!

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