Go-to-Market Planning

Our Process

With our MW-360° IDEA Process, we help you understand the why behind your marketing efforts by creating a marketing strategy that describes how your marketing goals will help you achieve your business goals.
We leverage primary (team interviews, client/prospect interviews, analyst interviews, etc.) and secondary (e.g., competitor scans, market assessments, etc.) research to identify opportunities and additional ways to differentiate your company.
Each marketing strategy we create is backed by research and data. We give you a tailored marketing strategy that helps you make the most of your investment and keeps your marketing focused. We help you identify goals and objectives that align with your business plan and reassess them quarterly.

Our Go-to-Market planning services include:

Primary and secondary research

Identify goals and objectives

Weekly metric alignment to goals and objectives

Reassess goals and objectives quarterly

Our MW-360° IDEA Process moves the needle

360º Approach

IDENTIFY: Discover opportunities and what resonates with audiences.

DEFINE: Determine strategy and align messaging.

ENGAGE: Use online and offline initiatives to capture and convert audiences.

ASSESS: Benchmark and continuously measure outcomes.

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Through this process, we help identify how we can best position you to maximize your marketing and communications investments and help you prioritize which initiatives provide the greatest value to your business. Get started today.

Let's collaborate and take your business to the next level.

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