About Us

Our brand story

Our goal at Marketing Works is to be a conduit of success for everyone we touch. We focus on delivering the best value to our clients and hold ourselves accountable by living out our core values. Aiming to be transparent about our services and capabilities allows us to build trust and solid relationships within our team and with our clients.


Marketing Works firmly believes that every brand possesses a unique and captivating story. We emphasize the importance of understanding a brand's essence, values, and purpose so we can translate that into engaging content that resonates with their audiences.


Our definition of success stems from how our clients define success. We are committed to understanding their goal and objectives so we can quantitively and qualitatively build measurements into our marketing programs. At Marketing Works, we deliberately review and modify strategies to help move your company forward.

We are driven by our four core values

Our team is built on a strong, ethical foundation, and we live out our four core values every day.

We get it

We get it.

We do what it takes

We do what it takes.

We do the right thing

We do the right thing.

We care

We care.

Our MW-360° IDEA Process

Marketing Works believes your goals can best be met if a cohesive, outcomes-focused business-to-business marketing strategy is put into place - whether it's to increase revenue or streamline operations.

Our MW-360° IDEA Process does just that by combining research and strategic thinking to build a clearly defined approach based on how you define success. The process includes four primary steps:


Discover opportunities and what resonates with audiences.


Determine strategy and align messaging.


Inbound and outbound marketing to capture and convert audiences.


Benchmark and continuously measure outcomes.

Our roots


How it Started

At age 22, Brenda Stier-Anstine finds herself officially in business as her current employer suddenly closes its doors. Armed with a strong desire to take care of her clients, Brenda sets out to deliver effective marketing and PR strategies as she begins her 30-year journey as a business owner.



We are Marketing Works

Brenda incorporates under the name Marketing Works.



We welcome an industry veteran

Brenda recruits industry veteran Bill Kiefaber to round out their already strong marketing and PR expertise with digital and online knowledge. Bill officially becomes a partner in the firm.



Ownership Transition

Following a multi-year transition strategy, Brenda's ownership transition to Bill became complete in March.


Let's collaborate and take your business to the next level.

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