3 Reasons Why Energy Industry Companies Should Use Microsites

When attracting new cliental in the energy industry, offering an incentive to diversify your company from the competition can be a great way to gain attention. Combine that with a strong benefit, and turn prospects into clients. It is vital, however, to communicate that benefit and differentiator to potential clients in a way that is easily recognized and found online. Each energy support provider, developer or producer offers a unique benefit to their clients. Sometimes this benefit – whether it’s an advanced pipeline solution or optimized automation technology – can be lost in your website’s clutter. An effective way of supporting and promoting your organization’s incentive and differentiator is to build a microsite.


What is a microsite? A free-standing page of your existing website, using its own URL and communicating specifically to a particular service offering.

Enhancing the relevancy of the information your prospect is seeking increases their interest in your service and enables your company to be found more easily in search. For example, potential clients looking for an innovative pipeline solution are searching for information surrounding that particular service thus driving the right traffic to your microsite that offers the exact information they want in an all inclusive format – easy to find, easy to read, with no other distractions.


Here are three reasons why markets servicing the energy industry need microsites:

  1. To attract the innovation seekers – The energy industry is competitive and most businesses rely on services that invest in top-notch technology to advance their innovation efforts. Engage these innovation seekers through your microsite that offers an in-depth look at your evolving technologies.
  2. Drive search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities – Expand your search efforts beyond your branded name. Potential clients looking for the services that you provide are not searching your company name unless you were referred. Your microsite will provide your company with the opportunity to utilize SEO and keywords more effectively so you are found when someone is interested in the services you provide.
  3. Competitive advantage – Showcasing your talent, skills and industry knowledge will ultimately boost your credibility while making your company stand out amongst the crowd. A microsite is a great entity for curating multimedia content.

Enhance your online opportunities by showcasing your company’s unique benefits or services on a microsite in order to target and attract potential clients effectively. Promoting your strengths and allowing those businesses to identify them more easily through a microsite will offer your company an evident marketing advantage.

Can you think of any other reasons why markets servicing the energy industry, or any other industry, need a microsite to attract potential clients online? If you have any other ideas you would like to share with Marketing Works, please leave your comments below!


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