3 resources to stay up-to-date on climate change

The climate change discussion is here to stay. And there is plenty of information for those concerned, since it seems every day there is another report on groundbreaking research or a study to spark spirited discussion not only on its effects, but also what can be done about it. If you’re interested in climate change but are unsure of where to go for reputable information, we’ve compiled a short list of resources that will help keep you in the loop.

Climate change

  1. Linked: Energy – This discussion group on LinkedIn explores the latest energy and oil industry news, especially since these subjects often intersect with areas of climate change. This article details how governments are responding to the public’s concern over climate change, along with touching on hydraulic fracking and drilling. The commenting members of the group make for a lively and informed discussion.
  2.  Environmental Protection Online –  This website covers a wide range of environmental topics, from climate change to green living, sustainability and ecosystems. This specific article written by a Battelle subject matter expert discusses how certain regional areas, such as coastal cities, can deal with the changing effects of climate change.
  3. Utility Dive – Designed to “keep energy and utility executives connected,” Utility Dive allows the reader to decide what information he or she would  like to see pop up on the “dashboard,” the part of the site that filters selected news articles. This can be anything from what’s been trending to notable government activities, like Energy Secretary Earnest Moniz’s recent address to the energy industry.
This short list of platforms can provide reliable information and  informative discussions on climate change. What other resources do you use? Leave a comment below!
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