3 Social Media Apps to Watch in 2014

You’ve likely established a brand presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but what other social media platforms are worth exploring? With so many different social media channels popping up it can be difficult to decipher if they are ideal for your business or if they are just a waste of time. Ideally, your social media efforts reach your target audience while further solidifying your online presence. However, it can be difficult to navigate which social channel will directly influence that audience based on your industry, priorities and capacity. Check out our list below to get the scoop on what social media apps to look out for in 2014:

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Vine Have you heard of Vine but still don’t understand the appeal? Check out our blog post on how to get the most out of Vine for your brand. Vine may have started out quietly this year but it’s quickly becoming a powerhouse in the social media world, proving the doubters wrong. Popular brands use Vine in unexpected and fun ways, like when Samsung used the stop motion effect with an athlete dunking a basketball as a way to show off its products.

PinterestThis isn’t just a site for craft and beauty tips, within the last two years Pinterest has established itself as one of the top social media sites around. It’s a great way to promote blog posts and thought leadership pieces, as well as a resource to help you think outside the box for reaching your target audience. Think about incorporating infographics and videos into your pins. For example, General Electric has a Pinterest board entitled “From the Factory Floor” and another devoted to the company’s changing history through the years.

Google+ Google+ is only second to Facebook in number of monthly visitors, so creating a profile for your business in 2014 is a wise choice. And if used correctly, marketers will reap the benefits from promoting their clients on a site that now has 359 million active users. And with Google’s latest algorithm your brand’s recommendations, activity and overall use of Google+ will influence your search rankings.

What social media apps will you be using in 2014? Let us know in the comments!

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