3 Valuable Lessons Learned: The real internship experience

My name is Ashley, Marketing Works’ 2013 summer intern. A recent graduate and new to the real-world of marketing, I’m in the process of immersing myself in a professional environment (as well as adjusting to adulthood). With a wide window of opportunity open for me after my college career, I’m very glad that I decided to take on an internship that better prepares me for my future career goals. It’s no ordinary internship though. It’s a full-time job commitment that demands a breadth of industry knowledge, efficient priority allocation and the willingness to grow.

Marketing Works is a full-service marketing firm, so being exposed to an environment with a wide-range of specialties really fascinated me. PR girl in heart and determined to experience the fast-paced agency life, I arrived at Marketing Works with the eagerness to learn and enhance my knowledge in the B2B realm.

My goal: to get a little taste of everything, all while enhancing my skills and professional development along the way. I haven’t had a dull moment since I started, and 30 days in, here’s a look back at the three most valuable things I’ve learned so far.

-The technical stuff

In every new business environment, there are industry-specific details to which you need to grow accustomed. In addition to the various marketing services offered by Marketing Works to their B2B clients, they specialize in practice groups that qualify the firm’s expertise in the industries served such as energy and technology. On my second week here, I was given the opportunity to give a presentation on a healthcare marketing topic. From the jargon to the appropriate messaging, it’s important for me to absorb all of the knowledge and transfer it to my work.

-Holy—Time management

One of the most evident things I have learned so far is the importance of time management. I’m used to balancing a heavy workload between school projects, student organizations, work and a social life. Yet, managing time on specific projects weighed with three different social media accounts and learning the ins and outs of various technical industries takes some getting used to. Ruling out the time management methods that don’t work for me in the business environment and leveraging my time accordingly in a way that is efficient for me is a substantial lesson learned.

-The educational experience

What is great about the Marketing Works team is they truly want to see me grow professionally. The review process allows me to identify my strengths and weaknesses so I’m able to learn from mistakes, improve my capabilities and keep moving forward. Self-challenges are not discouraging, they are to be taken as a learning experience. In addition, they encourage me to ask questions, get involved, set goals and interact with the rest of the team on a personal level.

There is much more to the internship role at Marketing Works. I am here as a full-time team member embracing this job opportunity to gain real world experience. I’m continuing to learn more and more about the B2B industry, how to manage my time effectively and of course, the organizational culture that is encouraging my professional growth- I’m movin’ on up.

Check back in 30 days for my next update. There is sure to be more exciting stories I have to tell.


Marketing Works Snuggie

Me in the official Marketing Works Snuggie! 

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