3 Ways Messaging in the Energy Industry is Shifting

The energy industry reaches a wide audience of businesses and consumers, and its messaging should accurately reflect what’s important to the different audiences. Speaking to your audience in a way that encourages trust is crucial. And that includes understanding what they want to know. So as the interests and activities of your audience shifts, how do you, in turn, alter your messaging to reflect that? Let’s take a look!

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Here are three ways messaging in the energy industry is shifting:

  1. Environmentalism – Issues like fracking, global warming and air pollution are all hot topics in the media, and the public is taking notice. It’s no longer acceptable for an energy company to ignore these issues. In response, it’s normal to see a section on “going green” or environmentalism prominently featured on a company’s website to address those concerns.
  2. Advertising – The changing market of the energy industry means that companies are spending more money on ads to reach their target audience. Companies have placed more focus on covering topics that concern a variety of issues such as environmentalism, health and safety concerns. Issues such as the availability of energy jobs will always be in the media, so companies would do well to work on expanding their own advertising to reach their audience in new ways.
  3. Client interaction – Today’s world stresses more and more on the efforts of engagement. This shift toward engagement forces your audience to take a more active role in their relationship with your company. In order to accommodate this shift, energy companies will need to make a concentrated effort to better understand their client’s needs.

As energy companies move toward a new model of messaging, what are your thoughts on how the industry as a whole could improve its strategy?

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