3 Ways to Keep Your Company Accountable After Going Green

Your company has recently announced to the world that it’s going green, good for you! It’s great that your business is working to instill a sense of environmentalism and conservation. Companies that went green in 2013 include Google, Unilever and Sprint-Nextel, so you’re in good company.  So now that you’ve gone green, what comes next? It can be easy to slip into old, energy wasting habits, so how do you maintain that sense of spirited environmentalism? Check out these three tips to keep your company responsible after your going green pledge:

Going green

  1. Create an Eco-Profile – This is a simple and straightforward solution to share the ways your business has gone green while also holding you responsible for your efforts. Eco-Profile creates a public profile that communicates how your business has gone green, and how it’s keeping to that promise. You can post it on your website, social media pages, emails and many other locations both physical and virtual so visitors can easily check up on how your company is doing . And for those bosses with their eyes on the bottom line: a study from the site says that 85% of consumers are willing to switch their loyalty to support companies that are doing more environmentally.
  2. Hold quarterly meetings – Every other month, hold a meeting discussing your company efforts to maintain your environmental responsibility. What was your progress the past three months and what can be improved upon? Are enough people recycling? Are those LED bulbs in the office? There are a whole slew of tips to help your company go green; the real trick is to stick with them. Create a standard operating procedure for your green initiatives along with fun new projects every so often to tackle as a team as a way to continue enthusiasm.
  3. Take advantage of tax cuts – That’s right, the government is actually recognizing companies who are going green and giving them tax incentives as reward. The next time someone in the office groans about recycling, remind them the benefits come tax season. Everything from an energy-efficient air conditioner to recycling and compacting could make your company eligible, so check out the tax laws in your state to find out what your business qualifies for.

What are some other ways companies can hold themselves responsible after going green?

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