4 Key Takeaways from My Internship at Marketing Works

I can’t believe my internship at Marketing Works is coming to a close! These past three months really flew by. This is the third internship I’ve had, but the first one where I didn’t necessarily feel like an “intern.” The Marketing Works team included me on client projects and I felt I was a true member of the team.

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I learned many important lessons during my internship and feel that I definitely expanded my marketing knowledge. Four key takeaways I would like to highlight are:

1. Ins and outs of a successful blog strategy. One of my main tasks during my internship was to implement and execute the Marketing Works blog strategy. I learned the key components of a successful blog, including: a compelling title, strong introduction, appropriate image, numbered list or bullet points of main ideas and a conclusion with a call to action. Selecting timely and relevant topics for our audience was always a challenge – it takes a lot of research to find new and useful information. I learned that cross-promoting the company blog on social media generates more reach.

2. Social media marketing best practices. I was tasked with keeping up with the daily social media marketing for Marketing Works. On social media, visual content generally gains more traction than just plain text, so I try to include an image or video whenever possible. Including links and mentioning individuals or companies that are the sources of these links help to increase the overall reach of the post. I learned that all social channels are different and it is important to formulate posts accordingly for the appropriate channel.

3. Fast pace of the B2B marketing industry. I quickly learned to stay on my toes in the fast-moving B2B marketing industry! I encountered many last minute changes and edits for projects that were on deadline, so being ready for the unexpected and keeping calm helped get it done. Marketing Works has clients in various industries utilizing many marketing tactics from social media to thought leadership and event marketing. I am much more adept at quickly switching gears and multi-tasking!

4. Importance of staying organized. Since I had multiple projects and tasks to juggle each day, I learned that in order to be successful, staying organized was a necessity! I kept to-do lists each week in a notebook that would help me prioritize and keep track of everything that needed to be accomplished. I always kept deadlines in the forefront and prioritized my time accordingly.

I definitely recommend the Marketing Works internship to anyone pursuing a career in marketing, PR or communications. I know the skills I learned and developed during my internship will serve me well in the future.

What are some key takeaways from your past internships? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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