4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Google Business Photos

Raising Your Visibility over the Competition Google Business Photos

Have you ever wanted to take your business to the next level? Well now you can. Google’s Business Photos feature leverages 360 degree panorama photography combined with the power of Google search to effectively present an inside, virtual tour of your business. A lot like Google’s ‘Street View’ on Google Maps.

With the rapid increase of mobile smart phone users, using the internet to research products and services in local areas has sky rocketed. Set your business apart by providing an inside view of your business. Here are some benefits to using the service:

  1. Bring your business to life. An interactive 360-degree tour allows your clients to literally take a walk around your business without actually being there. Your business will now be able to engage clients by showcasing the inside details your clients have come to love.
  1. Street view capability. The ‘Street View’ capability presents additional insight into your business to draw new clients over competitors. When viewing your business on Google Maps an icon will appear to differentiate your company and let users know they can virtually walk around inside your business.
  1. The answer to your SEO questions. The Google Business Photos will increase the visibility of your business on Google searches, Google Maps and Google+ Local. In addition, you will be able to embed the virtual tour on your company website and social media pages.
  1. Quick and easy process. The photo shoot typically lasts one – two hours. Anywhere from 14 – 45 photos can be taken. The photos are then sent to Google where the editing and creation process takes place.  Your unique tour will be returned within a few days of the shoot.

See Inside Ohio

See Inside Ohio, a local Google Trusted Photographer, has already taken high quality photos of numerous Columbus-based businesses to create their virtual tour. You will then receive ownership rights to the photos. In addition, the company allows you to update your business photos as often as you would like.

Not sure whether or not your business would benefit? Here are some ideas where Business Photos will work for b2b companies:

  • Conference venues – Engage and excite potential exhibitors and speakers by showing them the conference venue they will be participating in.
  • Medical offices – Give potential clients the ability to get a look at why their experience with your business will be different.
  • Office work space – Provide an inside look to your cool, creative space.
  • Company/executive retreat locations – Let prospective businesses see where they will be staying and why they should choose your location over others.

Are you interested in positioning your company as a go-to business, raising visibility and standing out above the competition? Marketing Works can help you develop a smart, strategic marketing approach specifically for your business needs. Contact us for a free assessment.

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