4 Resources to Use When Leveraging Social Media

You may be a social media superstar when it comes to knowing what’s best for your client, but you aren’t using social media to its full potential unless you’re tracking analytics. The analytics you gather from your social media likes, follows, comments and other forms of engagement can be the perfect barometer for what’s working and what isn’t. But with so many analytic tools out there, it can be hard to figure out what tool will suit your needs best. Here are four resources that will help you make sense of your constant influx of social media feedback:

Social media resources

Social Report For those who aren’t interested in keeping track of various analytics accounts, this is the tool for you. It tracks your network analytics similar to website analytics, and lets you monitor up to five projects, each with an unlimited number of social accounts. You can discover things like demographics of your members, interests, thoughts, activity and more. And the information is presented in a visual report, perfect for those of you who are visual learners.

TweepiIf the apps you’ve been using to manage your company’s Twitter account seem lacking, then check out Tweepi. With options like “Flush” and “Reciprocate” you can see which of your followers are following you back. Following the right people on Twitter can often make or break your online presence, so leveraging Tweepi is a smart way to get the most out of your tweeting efforts.

Social Mention Similar to Google Alerts, social mention can help you find what’s being discussed across various social channels such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more. Wondering how often or where your brand is talked about? Check out Social Mention to find out. It also offers an analysis service so you can not only see where your brand is coming up online but also analyze the information comparing things such as positive to negative mentions, the likelihood your brand is discussed by certain individuals and range of influence.

Majestic SEO Search Explorer This one isn’t strictly social media, but it’s a great tool to have in your back pocket. Recently announced in October of 2013, the Search Explorer function of Majestic SEO allows online marketers to see new and realistic search results. Using Majestic SEO’s metric analysis, Search Explorer shows the web sites that rank at the top for a specific keyword, making this a great tool for niche marketers. And for those looking to gather more information about their client’s SEO success or failure, it’s a great addition to tracking Bing and Google searches.

What social media resources do you use regularly? Let us know in the comments!


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