4 Social Media Holiday Marketing Tips

The holiday season is a wonderful time to take advantage of marketing opportunities that go along with the traditions and activities people do once a year. And using social media to reach your client base is a fun and simple way to not only create engagement with your audience but gain more exposure in the process. If you’re doubting the power of social media during the holidays check out holiday marketing stats first:

  • 64.8 percent of consumers will turn to social media sites to find the perfect gift
  • 24.8 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations on Facebook and Twitter when deciding to purchase a holiday gift
  • 63.4 percent of consumers would be likely to share a link of a holiday contest on Twitter

Holiday marketing


It’s not too late to take advantage of people’s holiday spirit and use it as a once a year marketing opportunity. Here are our four tips for social media marketing during the holidays:

  1. Giveaway competition — Your giveaway doesn’t have to be extravagant or over the top, but a holiday competition for your followers is a fun way to get people excited about seeing your name pop up on their social media page every day. It could be something as simple as a gift basket or a donation to the charity of their choice, but make it holiday themed and make sure it represents your brand!
  2. Holiday hashtag — Everyone loves to share their holiday stories and traditions so creating a holiday hashtag is an ideal way to promote engagement with your followers. And added bonus, other people who aren’t following your brand can click on the hashtag and participate too! So make it memorable and be sure to use it regularly to increase exposure.
  3. Seasonal video — Depending on availability, a seasonal video can give your brand fun options to explore. You can shoot something as simple as a short holiday message from your team or a longer video about the importance of giving back at this time of year. Again, don’t forget to make it representative of your brand. You can even post it on your social media pages!
  4. Holiday countdown — Who doesn’t love a countdown? It doesn’t have to necessarily be a countdown to a holiday; it could be a countdown to a holiday party, a company outing or maybe even an announcement. The trick here is to make it something your audience wants to follow. You could offer up little known facts every day, or ask a series of questions to which the winner receives a prize at the end. Make it fun and interactive and your audience will love participating!

What other strategies do you have for social media marketing over the holidays? Let us know in the comments!


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