4 Social Media Marketing Dont’s For Businesses

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It’s no secret social media is an effective marketing tool. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or now Pinterest even, companies large and small have realized social media’s power in reaching potential and existing customers. Not all companies utilize social media effectively, though. There are a number of bad habits businesses should abstain from in the social space. We’ve outlined four of the most egregious habits below.


1.) Build a presence everywhere

Don’t join a social media site just because it’s the latest trend and it seems like everyone is there. Find out which social media sites your target market is using first, then establish your presence on those platforms and concentrate your efforts on the sites your customers use most frequently. If your target market isn’t using a certain social media site, don’t create an account there – you won’t reach your customers (which is, of course, the goal) and you’ll be wasting your time.

2.) Talk only about yourself

Follow the 80/20 rule. Post content from other sources (blog posts, articles, pictures, etc.) that your target market will find useful and engaging 80% of the time and post self-promotional content 20% of the time. Customers follow you on social media sites because of the potential benefit to them. They expect you to post content that provides them something or helps them in some way. Posting relevant content from other sources shows customers that you care about their wants and interests, and not just securing their business.

3.) Isolate yourself

Social media marketing is all about communicating – sharing success stories and pictures, asking and answering questions, providing resources, etc. Your social media marketing efforts won’t be successful unless you build a community and engage with it frequently. The way you interact with your communities will vary based on the social media site you’re using. You wouldn’t engage the same way on Facebook as you would on Pinterest, for instance. Make sure you know the differences between the social media sites you’ve established a presence on and interact accordingly.

4.) Post when no one’s looking

You obviously want to reach your customers when they’re most active on social media. Participating when your target market is participating will increase your visibility which will in turn help boost sales. bit.ly recently released data that shows optimal times to post on Facebook and Twitter. Use this as a guide to direct your engagement habits and you’ll be golden.

Social media marketing, when done correctly, can yield positive business results. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals through targeted social media marketing.

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