4 Tips for Cutting through the Social Media Clutter

The landscape of our world is continually changing and as communication professionals we need to keep an eye out for the latest trends, while staying on top of the foundation that makes us top marketers.

I recently attended a presentation by Nate Riggs at a Columbus American Marketing Association event where he showcased various social media tools and tips to help cut through clutter and win more attention from all audiences.

More than half of the US owns a smart phone. What does this mean? All of those people are content providers. News isn’t just coming from your television once a night. It’s coming at you from all angles and on every social media network.

So, how should marketers cut through the clutter to provide beneficial and relative information that will make an impact?

  1. Work together as a marketing team. To be successful with a captive audience, a marketing team must be a well-oiled machine and be organized from within. Forming the right team and harnessing marketing intelligence will lead to more accomplishments. Not only do teams need to be organized, but leaders need to be accessible and encouraging.  
  1. Track your marketing progress. Marketers need to track how consumers are sharing an organization’s message. There are platforms like Netbase that show you real-time and accurate social media analytics from mentions to impressions and the geographical hotspots where brands are being talked about. Often, consumers use platforms like Pinterest and only share a brand’s image. Have no fear – there’s an analytic tool for that too! Curalate is designed to read images and track where and how often an image is being shared.  

  1. Post sharable content. Have you ever been on Google and noticed underneath an article familiar “faces” of those you follow on Twitter or Google+? Consumers are more likely to click on an article that someone in their network has shared. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you provide content on your website and social media platforms that readers will want to share.  
  1. Interact with your audience. Another way consumers are more likely to pay closer attention to a brand is if an organization answers questions and is engaging. While on Twitter, marketers should not only answer a question, but develop a relationship with a follower. Ask questions back and keep the conversation going with a follower – don’t just let it be a onetime response.  

By using one of these helpful analytic tools, engaging with followers and being organized on the home front, you will be able to break through the clutter that bombard consumers and effectively reach the right audience.

What tips do you have to be a more effective marketer? Are there any platforms you are using to track social media content? Let us know in the comments below.

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