4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Using Tumblr

While Facebook and Twitter rely heavily on the timing and frequency of posts, Tumblr flourishes on a constant stream of images. Tumblr is a blogging community that revolves around media and culture that combines a variety of aspects from many of the major social media sites. For example, similar to a “retweet,” Tumblr allows you to “reblog” content and share it with your followers. You can also post original content such as pictures, articles and videos that your followers will see.

Tumblr has a diverse community of users from all over the world and with the abundance of discoverable tags, your business could easily join right in. But how do you know what to post and/or reblog? Here are four things to keep in mind:

1.      Explore your competition.

Before you even set up an account for your business, it’s important to recognize who your competition is and look closely at how they run their blog. Get an idea by following relevant blogs that are successful and take note of which posts are getting the most attention from their followers.

2.      Make your blog an accurate representation of your business. 

With the variety of customizable options on Tumblr, it is important to creatively yet accurately represent what your business is all about.  Using the aesthetic appeal of pictures is a good way to attract followers. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase what your business offers creatively, whether it is showing a product itself or showing your product in use.

3.      Create purposeful content. 

While Tumblr is a website that thrives on the consistency and frequency of posts, don’t post content that isn’t worth sharing. An important thing to keep in mind is that Tumblr users respond to meaningful content. Whether it is an image of your product, an image of your services, or a candid shot of your company, make sure it depicts your company in a way that users will respond to.  Evergreen content also tends to be successful on Tumblr. With the use of tags, images that you share can be re-emerge through being reblogged months or even years after you post it. For this reason, it is important to produce content that users will continually respond to.

4.      Create and expand your network.

Through the use of previously established, popular tags, it is easy for your business to gain exposure. Similar to other blog sites where tags help increase the number of views your page receives, Tumblr’s tagging system categorizes posts with the same tags and allows users to “track tags” and see all of the posts relating to that one area of interest.  Be sure not too narrow down your audience with too few tags, instead utilize them to expand your audience even farther.  According to Inc.com, between seven and 12 tags is an optimal number in order to attract users without looking like spam.

Using Tumblr is a great way to expand your network as well as find new ideas and tricks of the trade. If you’re new to Tumblr let us know what challenges you’ve faced in the comments below.

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