5 Important Pieces To A Successful Sponsorship Kit

A sponsorship kit can be a great asset- especially for your next event or trade show to name a few. Not only can it help streamline the sponsorship process for your company, but it can also make you stand out among your competitors. Check out these 5 important pieces to include in your sponsorship kit to make it a success.


  1. Show capabilities – This is your chance to show off your organization and what it’s all about. Discuss your goals as a company and how you’re working to achieve them. This will allow potential sponsors to get a chance to know your company and see what the two might have in common. And don’t be afraid to mention recent awards you’ve won or work you’re particularly proud of. This will show off your expertise and that their investment will be worthwhile.
  2. Clearly show options ­­– Don’t lose your potential sponsors from the beginning by giving them a confusing maze of hard-to-understand options to choose from. By making it clear and concise you’re allowing the sponsor to easily figure out the role they’d like to play within your event or organization.
  3. Provide benefits – This is the fun part! And probably the part that the sponsors will care about most, mainly what are they getting out of the deal? Go over what the varying sponsorship levels mean, and how exactly the sponsors themselves will benefit.
  4. Demonstrate need – Make sure to discuss how the sponsors are needed, but in a productive way. It’s easy to state how much you’d like to receive, but make sure to mention how this money will help to make a difference.
  5. Reveal facts and figures – For those sponsors who will be looking at hard numbers, this is a great way to pull them in. It could be a poll discussing the amount of participants who will remember at least three sponsors or the number of people who would be willing to purchase later on from a sponsor.

What do you think makes for a great sponsorship kit? Comment below!

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