5 Tips for a well-equipped WorkComp Tradeshow Kit

Another fast-approaching tradeshow is sneaking up on the workers’ compensation industry. The 68th Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference (WCEC) is on for August 18 – 21. The hottest issues and trends in the work comp arena, as well as safety and health in the workplace, will be discussed by a diverse set of industry experts.

Ensure you’re ready to exhibit at this year’s conference by creating a tradeshow survival kit to help you prepare for the unexpected. It’s always better to be over prepared rather than under, especially because a tradeshow demands your professional A-game. Plus, you won’t have time to go running around to find the closest hardware or convenience store.

Tradeshow survival kit

Here’s what we recommend including in your tradeshow survival kit…

  1. Back-up technology – You never know when a source of technology will decide to quit on you. Bring an extra laptop or tablet, keyboard, mouse (whatever it is you need) and include back-up batteries and chargers.
  2. First-aid kit – Make sure you pack your bandages, ibuprofen, antibacterial ointment and antacids. You can often find inexpensive mini first aid kits at most drug stores or large discount retailers.
  3. Mini Toolbox – You never know when you’re going to need a hammer, Phillips and flat screwdrivers, duct tape, scissors, cleaning items such as 409 or Windex wipes, screen cleaner, stapler and packing tape.
  4.  Personal Items – Make certain your team has everything they need to ensure they are at their best when meeting that ideal prospect. Pack a mini cosmetic bag of breath mints, hand sanitizer, sewing kit, floss and deodorant.
  5.  Business Essentials – Try as we might, someone might forget their business cards or a pen. Pack an envelope with extra cards for all sales executives (and you), pens, paper clips, sticky notes, markers and a camera. You may also want to throw in extra shipping labels, a sheet with your team’s mobile numbers, a list of important exhibit management contacts, passwords and possibly a jump drive with all your collateral in case you run out.

checkmarkIf you take a few extra moments to prepare your own survival kit, you will be well equipped for almost any mishap. While you can’t prepare for everything and anything, at least you’ll be one step ahead of most scenarios!

Are there any other items you would include in your tradeshow survival kit? Please let us know what else you would bring and leave us a comment below!

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