6 Latest Facebook Trends You Need to Know

Living in a social media obsessed society, it’s important to stay on top of current social trends. We have seen several significant changes in each social media channel over the years. Facebook specifically has evolved significantly in its 10 years of existence. For example, when Facebook implemented the “Like” feature it completely changed a page’s motivation for posting updates.

Social media is constantly evolving to satisfy end users and keep up with technology advancements. Some social channels come and go (remember MySpace?), so it is essential to stay active on the channels that generate the most traffic and are ideal for your business. Let’s take a look at the latest Facebook trends you need to know:

Facebook Trends

  1. Visual Content Creates More Engagement
    Pictures and videos are the most attention-grabbing posts, generally gaining the most likes and shares. Social media is all about being quick and easy, so people want to look at a picture or watch a short video rather than read a long post full of content. Themed photo series specifically gain lots of traction, for example Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday.
  2. Employee Usage of Facebook for Company Purposes
    Companies encourage their employees to promote their brand, or even new job postings, on their personal Facebook pages. This way your business receives more recognition and gains more reach. And remember to encourage followers to share your content, after all, people are more likely to trust what their friends or family are saying about a company versus the company promoting itself.
  3. Increase of Analytics
    Almost every social channels now features an analytics tab to measure various results of your specific profile – i.e. reach and engagement. Facebook offers Page Insights which measure your total reach, number of likes, and overall engagement over time. It also provides information about your audience, including their demographics and when they are most likely to visit your page.
  4. Hashtags Not Just for Twitter
    Twitter is mostly known for the usage of hashtags. However, about a year ago Facebook introduced their own version of the hashtag feature. This is a great way to stay up-to-date and see what is trending on specific topics and makes it easier to search for what you are interested in. Hashtags are great for SEO purposes, too! Overall, hashtags make social media users aware of what people are talking about and in turn, motivate you to draft posts relative to trending topics.
  5. Social is Going Mobile
    With the increase of Smartphone use, social media continues to stay at arm’s length through the use of mobile apps. Again, social media is all about being quick and easy. It’s faster to check Facebook updates on your phone rather than logging onto a computer. Because of this, it is now more important than ever before to make sure your posts are mobile friendly.
  6. The Fall of Facebook
    Surprisingly, Facebook is becoming less and less popular among social media channels, particularly among teens. Because apps like SnapChat are continuing to rise, Facebook is being put on the back burner with the younger demographic. Being compared to MySpace, Facebook is predicted to have an 80% decline in the total number of users within the next four years. This includes all age demographics. Time will tell the fate of Facebook!

What are some Facebook trends you’ve seen lately? Let us know in the comment section below!

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