A Unique End to a Summer Internship

COVID-19  has, and will continue to, impact many experiences for all of us. And this was by no means an exception for my time at Marketing Works. When I started my Internship with Marketing Works earlier this summer, the team had just returned to the office from working remotely. Then in mid-July, we went back to working remotely, so the routines I had established were no longer going to work. Like in college, I had to be able to adjust to working independently, without direct supervision. I had to reestablish a work routine, and in the end I got back into the swing of things. 

While I enjoyed working both in the office and remotely, I definitely preferred working in the office where I could see the team, collaborate with them, etc. 

Overall the experience I got during my time at Marketing Works is invaluable. As a Marketing major, not only did this provide me with real-world experience, it has accelerated my ability to learn and process new marketing concepts I have yet to learn in college. And, my time at Marketing Works confirmed that this is definitely the career for me. 

My core role was to manage the social media content for Marketing Works, and I have three main takeaways:

  1. The importance of social media. 
  2. In the midst of a “quantity world,” it’s important to stand out with quality content instead of using your platform to add to the noise. 
  3. I learned how to stay organized by having a content calendar. This helps tremendously when figuring out what content to post for each month. 

I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and will definitely apply the skills I’ve learned to future internships and jobs. 


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