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This past Thursday, Sarah and I attended an Account Management workshop downtown in Columbus. Organized by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4 A’s), the workshop was lead by Sheila Campbell, a true account management veteran.

At the onset of the workshop, I was a bit intimidated. All other attendees seemed to have 5+ years experience and a multitude of high profile clients. But as we delved into the barrage of topics, realization set in that I was the one best positioned to benefit from this seminar. New to the job, at the onset of my career, it quickly became apparent that there was no time like the present to learn tips and tricks of the trade.

And so, I dedicate this post to all the other newly appointed account coordinators around the world. Hopefully these few bits of information gleaned from a seven hour workshop will steer you towards the path of success.

      1. Constantly learn in order to constantly teach. – I am a big believer in constantly seeking to learn. And this not only benefits you personally, but your client as well. Don’t be fooled into thinking this solely refers to learning about marketing/advertising/PR. Read and educate yourself on any topic of interest; you’ll be surprised to see that it may be useful one day down the road.

      2. Make sure you and others are doing work correctly the first time. – As the saying goes, “Never enough time to do it right, always time to do it over.” Make sure you are dedicating enough time and resources to get your task completed correctly the first time. Also make sure you are budgeting enough time for others to do this as well. Expecting quick turn around from team members at all times can lead to avoidable revisions.

      3. Differences are usually discrepancy of style, not substance. – It is indeed a bleak outlook on the world to think that any separate person acts solely to make your life more difficult. In all honesty, this person simply works or communicates in a separate style. So before you become offended by a co-worker (or client!) action, stop and think how you can adapt to the situation. This will result in a more timely solution without the unnecessary bruised egos or hurt feelings.


      Sheila Campbell events

      While I would love to share all of my interesting nuggets from the workshop, I highly recommend you attend one yourself. Find more information on professional development events sponsored by 4 A’s on their website or organize a speech/program personally with our talented workshop leader, Sheila Campbell.


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