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As the year comes to a close, let us take a look back at some of our best blogs of 2010.

In a March posting entitled, Protecting Your Company’s Social Media, we discussed the need to be conscious of what is being posted online. Since this information is visible to everyone, monitoring content is essential to protecting the company’s social media image. What should companies be posting?  Mashable offers three tips: 1) be truthful and avoid jokes that could be taken seriously, 2) only allow those who would benefit from your site to be included in your network, and 3) be aware of your friends and connections—always know their background before connecting with them.

During a three part blog series called Winning the Social Media Game, we dug deeper into social media strategy identifying tips to get started, how to maintain your company’s online image, and how to measure social media success. Part 3 of this segment offers several ways to interpret the results of your social media efforts including setting benchmarks, examining audience interaction and comparing results to your original goals. Efforts can also be evaluated using social media measurement tools such as Google Trends, Social Mention, or Back Tweets.

Although social media stole the spotlight this year, utilizing a variety of communication methods is a crucial step for organizational success. This idea was highlighted in August in a blog post entitled The Importance of Face to Face Communication. While tweeting, updating Facebook and blogging about topics may add to an experience, nothing can replace face to face communication. Check out the archived posting to read how Finance Fund integrated social media with face to face communication for their Freeport Press event.

In a September posting called Why Blogging is More Essential Now than Ever Before, we discussed just that. As a result of Google returning search queries instantly, blogs are frequently popping up at the top of search results—even before company websites. Because of this, blogs have become an indispensable part of a company’s communication efforts. Want to start blogging in 2011? Check out the archived blog for some top blog topics to get your creative juices flowing.

In October we tackled search engine optimization (SEO), in a blog called How to Master SEO…Even if you’re Not a Pro, and offered up some basic guidelines to accomplish the best SEO for your website. In addition to using descriptive page titles, developing effective keywords and utilizing captions, we suggest you educate yourself! SEO is one of the fastest-changing aspects of the internet. Keep up-to-date by reading blogs from SEO experts.

To keep this to blog appropriate length, we must stop here. However, there are many more blog postings from 2010 worth checking out. Do not forget to visit our blog in 2011 for new posts. Have a Happy New Year!

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