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On Wednesday, Serena Ehrlich from Business Wire visited Marketing Works for a presentation on “PR in 2014: Social, SEO, Media & more…” During this presentation we learned the ins and outs of how social media has changed as well as changes in the overall demographic of internet users. Here are 5 things that really stuck out:

  1.   Facebook keeps track of the types of content you engage with most. Ever notice that you have more videos or more news articles on your newsfeed than anything else? That’s because Facebook keeps track of the kind of media that piques your interest. If you tend to scroll past news and go right to the videos that people have posted, Facebook will show more of those on your news feed. While it may seem strange that Facebook knows the type of content you like, this can be helpful when you are trying to engage with your company’s audience on social media. If you test each type of post with your audience for 1-2 weeks to see how the engagement varies, you can learn what type of media resonates best with them.
  2. Content can be recycled forever. Even though a post may be old, that doesn’t mean it has to be forgotten.  If you’ve ever seen a post suddenly re-emerge on your Facebook or Pinterest that means someone has rediscovered and taken action on it, which brings it back into circulation. This can be helpful for evergreen content that is always relevant to your industry. If you or your audience takes the time to go back and like posts that were successful, you can bring the post right back to the top of your followers’ newsfeeds.
  3.  The PR behind a press release is what makes it go viral. Press releases provide awareness, brand reputation and help to convert media consumers into customers. With news becoming a 24/7 cycle, journalists are relying on media that is provided to them, which gives you the opportunity to spread the news about your new products and services. Anytime you create a new asset, you have the chance to create a story. Write your press release toward a highly targeted audience and be sure to include photos and videos to increase engagement. More than 60 percent of people are visual learners, so why not tap into that market by sharing more visual content?
  4.  Click-to-Tweet is about to become your new favorite tool. Are you having trouble getting people to tweet your statistics and infographics? Fear not, Click-to-tweet gets people to share your content for you! By including “tweet this” after content you can provide a pre-written tweet for your readers to share. Not only does it make the tweeting process easier, you can make sure your readers are tweeting about your information correctly.
  5.  LinkedIn’s long form content blogging has massive SEO. LinkedIn is providing a new way to blog – known as long form content blogging or LinkedIn Pulse. Once you receive an email invitation to publish on LinkedIn, your credibility increases greatly. Not only will your article be shared with your network, but a much broader network as well. People can follow you based on your post and it will also be searchable on and off of LinkedIn.

These are just a few out of the many insights that we learned during the #BWChat. Be sure to visit our Twitter page to check out quotes, interesting statistics and other interesting information that we learned from the presentation.


Have other helpful PR or social media tips? Let us know in the comments!

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