Busyness as Usual

Why is a work life balance important? One reason: in a study of 46,000 workers, health care costs were 147% higher in workers who were stressed or depressed1. A second reason: several studies now suggest that job-related stress is as great a threat to health as smoking or not exercising2. Unbelievable, right? Well, believe it.

We spoke to the Healthcare Marketing Network Organization recently on the impact of stress in the workplace, and gave tips on how to achieve a work life balance. We thought this would be a great opportunity to share these guidelines with you:

A. Determine what really matters to you.

  • Figure out what you want your priorities to be, not what you think they should be.
  • Devote your full attention to just one priority at a time.

B. Drop unnecessary activities.

  • Learn to say “no”.
  • Make a concrete list of your priorities.

C. Protect your private time.

  • You would think twice before skipping out on work, a parent-teacher conference, or a doctor’s appointment. Your private time deserves the same respect.

D. Accept help to balance your life.

  • Tag team. Allow yourself to rely on your partner, family members, coworkers or friends.

E. Plan fun and relaxation.

  • Set aside space in your planner for relaxation and fun until making time for yourself becomes a habit.

Click here to see Brenda Stier’s, CEO of Marketing Works, thoughts on work life balance.

1,2 The University of Maryland Medical Center

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