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Creating a Message that Sets you Apart

Services: Messaging
Industries: Consumer, Content Marketing



There are many pest removal companies in central Ohio, including large national brands, making it critical for differentiators to come through in messaging. Environmental Pest Management (EPM) recognized that its professionalism, commitment to service and technology set it apart. However, EPM also realized that it needed to do a better job of conveying this to its audiences, which include multifamily property owners and managers and homeowners.


Marketing Works leveraged its MW-360° IDEA approach to define a messaging platform and implementation strategy. This included a discovery session with EPM leadership and extensive research of the market landscape, including competitors. Interviews with EPM prospective and existing customers, along with employees were also conducted. A message map was defined based on the research that captured the brand positioning and audience-specific messaging for multifamily property owners and managers, as well as homeowners. An implementation strategy was also developed to help EPM integrate the messaging and meet its business goal and objectives.


The EPM team, including pest removal specialists, were trained on the new messaging. In addition, the messaging was fully integrated into marketing materials, including the website, brochures, on-hold scripts and marketing campaigns.


The new messaging has made the selling process easier for the sales team. A direct mail campaign directed toward property managers leveraged the new messaging, has resulted in proposals and significant work to date. The messaging was also used to brand a new residential subscription offering, which has resonated with prospective customers and resulted in EPM securing almost half of its targeted customers for the year within the first three months of the program’s launch.

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