There are many pest removal companies in central Ohio, including large national brands, making it critical for differentiators to come through in messaging and how it is delivered. Environmental Pest Management (EPM) recognized that its professionalism, commitment to service and technology set it apart. However, EPM also realized that it needed to do a better job of conveying this to its primary audiences, which include multifamily property owners and managers.


Marketing Works worked with EPM to define a messaging platform and lead generation strategy, which would differentiate it from the competition. This included research to generate the brand positioning and audience-specific messaging for multifamily property owners and managers.

The objectives were set as the following:

  • Increase EPM’s brand awareness among its target audience
  • Position EPM as the best resource to keep properties pest-free due to its professional team, advanced technology and personalized approach
  • Schedule meetings with at least 10 of EPM’s top prospects that EPM had no prior relationship or provided services to a sister property


The strategy and messaging set during the Define Phase was used to generate the materials for a property manager “Welcome Kit” that contained the following:

  • Comprehensive brochure detailing EPM’s benefits and service offering
  • Video brochure describing EPM’s proprietary online work order system
  • $50 gift card
  • USB wall charger for busy property managers to use as they are on the go

All of the materials were housed in a custom-designed box featuring EPM’s brand colors and messaging.


In 2018, EPM delivered a total of 10 Welcome Kits to key prospects. Meetings were set with each of the key prospects, resulting in $535,000 in new revenue with five management companies (and directly serving 93 new properties).

The program has achieved a 3,567% return on investment for EPM to date – and they still have 90 Welcome Kits left to distribute.

EPM Welcome KitEPM Welcome Kit

We are honored that this work was recognized as the PRism Award winner in its category at the 2019 PRSA PRism awards.