Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Centers

Increasing Visibility with a Unified Brand

Services: Branding, MW-360 IDEA
Industries: Healthcare

“I have had the privilege of working with Sandy Fekete as a client of her various firms since 1998.  She and her staff are not only creative but listen to the input of their clients and produce results that are second to none – all while staying within the budget parameters set.   Sandy has an exceptional gift in hiring people that always seem as if they are the ‘perfect’ match for the client.  There have been times I felt as if our contact had no other clients but us.”

–Alan Lougeay, Administrative Director



The Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Centers, Inc. (OMSC) is comprised of seven separate surgical centers in the central Ohio area. While the practice had been experiencing adequate success overall, they were interested in strengthening their relationship with referring dentists – their primary channel for new patients.



After completing a MW-360°SM Discovery session and conducting interviews with current and prospective referring dentists, Marketing Works built a well-crafted strategic marketing plan to support OMSC’s continued growth. The assessment identified that the OMSC brand was diluted as a result of no brand standards between offices.  Each was being operated as a stand-alone office instead of leveraging the actual strength and depth of the seven locations and surgeons.   Additionally, findings indicated that referring dentists referred to the practice as OMSC rather than Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Centers. Recommendations included a rebrand to refine the centers’ identity and create a cohesive experience for both patients and their referring dentists.



OMSC’s logo and overall brand was updated and simplified. The refreshed brand was introduced in a series of brochures placed in the referring dentists’ offices that spoke individually to target audiences about each service. Graphic standards were developed for each office for consistency and the new identity guided the renovation of each office and signage.

An additional brochure was created specifically for new referring dentists, featuring a practice overview, surgeon bios and services, and integrating differentiators and benefits.



The strategic marketing materials successfully bolstered referrals from current dentists and aided OMSC in prospecting with new dentists.

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