Great Lakes Window

Lifecycle & Customer Journey

Services: Customer Journey Mapping, Lead Scoring
Industries: Manufacturing

Identify-01Great Lakes Window, a PlyGem brand, recently merged two distinct brands and dealer sales teams into one cohesive identity. The sales teams each had different approaches – one did more proactive prospecting than the other. In addition, because new assets had been developed for the new brand identity, Marketing Works recommended a strategy to ensure sales representatives were set up for success. One of the initiatives included in the strategy was a tool to assist the sales team with identifying what resources were available to them during different phases of the sales cycle.


Marketing Works reviewed research it had recently conducted with dealer customers and members of the dealer sales team to identify best practices and gaps in the existing sales process. An audit was also conducted of current and planned resources to support sales.


Based on the outcome of research and sales inventory audit, Marketing Works defined each step of the customer journey – from prospect to brand ambassador. It was determined that creating a visual map to serve as a guide through each phase of the customer journey would help the sales representatives quickly determine the ideal tool to leverage every step of the way. Careful steps were taken to align each action step with the three Great Lakes Window messaging pillars, “Be There,” “Be Different” and “Be Indispensable.” Suggestions on available resources and assets to use in each step of the lifecycle journey were also provided.


The customer lifecycle journey map was rolled out during a company sales meeting. The sales tool has gotten a positive response from the dealer sales team and they reference it frequently, making them a more unified team. The general manager of Great Lakes Window has complimented the tool as a valuable asset for his team, stating it has created a more consistent and cohesive prospect and customer experience.  It’s also been a beneficial tool to assist with sales training.

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