“Marketing Works approaches everything they do like they are an actual employee of your company. If I had to narrow it down to a few words I would say…. Invested, Genuine, Big Picture Thinkers, Strategic, Invaluable, Partner.”

— Michelle Woods, Former AVP, Marketing Strategy & Research



When it comes to insurance, purchasing decisions are predicated on consumers doing their homework using the internet, reviews, media, and word of mouth.  Consumers may look at upwards of 10.4 resources before making a purchasing decision. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever for companies to have clear, concise, and consistent messaging across channels in order to get the sale. In an already crowded industry, Grange needed a cohesive messaging strategy would effectively differentiate the company to consumers, agent, and associates.



Marketing Works completed extensive market research, focusing on what today’s independent agents and consumers value most in an insurance carrier. An inside look using  the Companies Are People, Too® organizational assessment unveiled how Grange associates were experiencing the company. Additionally, we assessed Grange’s current messaging in comparison to its national and regional competitors.



A comprehensive messaging strategy was developed that included audience profiles, potential touch points/channels, core and audience-specific messaging.

Message guidelines were established as an extension of the existing brand guidelines so Grange associates and external partners could leverage the message map in their communications.

A deployment strategy was developed to provide a timeline, communication plan, and the necessary tools and resources to help introduce the new messaging while phasing out old materials.




Grange continues to leverage the message framework as part of their brand guidelines.