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“I have had the privilege of working with Sandy Fekete as a client of her various firms since 1998.  She and her staff are not only creative but listen to the input of their clients and produce results that are second to none – all while staying within the budget parameters set.   Sandy has an exceptional gift in hiring people that always seem as if they are the ‘perfect’ match for the client.  There have been times I felt as if our contact had no other clients but us.”

–Alan Lougeay, Former Administrative Director


When it comes to selecting a physician, consumers rely on two things:  friends and the internet.  Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Centers (OMSC) is one of the largest private practice groups providing oral surgery in Central Ohio. Yet their online presence fell short of its competition. With seven surgeons each in a different office, it was important to stand out in geographic searches as well as by physician name and service.


Marketing Works engaged in extensive research to create a tailored and defined strategy to get OMSC’s online reputation where it needed to be. A 4-pronged approach was recommended to increase web positioning and visibility:  1) website overhaul focusing on keywords, key phrases and fresh content, 2) create and populate a listing for each physician and office location on key medical and geographic directories and sites, 3) capitalize on social media presence for its search benefits, and 4) develop a structured process that each physician could use to generate patient reviews in order to proactively manage OMSC’s reputation.

OMSC review post card


In 2013, Marketing Works and OMSC began to implement the online reputation strategy. Changes and updates were made to the website copy and images, paying particular attention to tags and SEO keywords that would help OMSC’s website come to the top of a search ranking page. Google+ and Healthgrades.com pages were created and populated for each OMSC doctor, and patients were encouraged to visit these websites and leave reviews for the physicians they visited. LinkedIn and Facebook pages were created for the physicians and offices and linked to the OMSC website.


Marketing Works compiled and reviewed monthly reports with OMSC to gauge the success of the strategy. Successful initiatives included:

  • Web traffic to the website averaging over 1,600 page views each month.
  • Organic web traffic to website related to SEO efforts surpassed 50 percent each month.
  • Increase in engagement from targeted geographic locations outside of Columbus, including Marion, Zanesville, Mount Vernon and Chillicothe.
  • OMSC achieved the number one Google search result for 11 of 15 designated search terms.
  • Increase in the number of Google reviews and Healthgrades.com reviews for OMSC doctors.
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