Central Ohio is ranked nationally as one of the top places for brands to distribute and ship their products. Brands ranging from the Limited to Bare Minerals use the region as a hub for ensuring its products are packed and shipped to retail stores and consumers. While some of these brands insource fulfillment, most look to third-party logistics (3PL) providers making Columbus a highly competitive market.

Local 3PL value added services provider Dismas is no different. Already highly successful for the quality of its work in hands-on fulfillment services such as retagging, repackaging and sewing of new tags, Dismas had grown so rapidly its owners had not put a structured plan into place to sustain its growth in a smart way.



Marketing Works leveraged its MW 360° approach to help Dismas put a comprehensive strategic plan into place. Because the ultimate success of Dismas depended on its ability to connect with major retailers and boutique brands, Marketing Works first uncovered perceptions of both active and dormant customers. While Dismas did a great job, some of the brands were uncertain of the company’s ability to scale its workforce quickly, the size and flexibility of its space, and lack of formal processes and reporting. A competitive assessment and review of the industry landscape validated that its niche services gave Dismas a competitive advantage if it strategically connected with and engaged customers.

A three-year strategic plan was developed based on the outcomes of the MW 360° process that included KPIs and priorities for specific functional areas, along with a clearly-defined goal for the company to achieve its short and long term revenue targets.



Dismas immediately began implementing the strategic plan, which encompassed six critical areas including space, staffing, technology, service offerings development, operational excellence, and marketing and branding.

Dismas reviews the strategic plan each quarter to determine which elements have been fulfilled and to identify goals for the quarter.



In less than one year after Dismas began implementing the plan, the company has successfully completed several critical initiatives including:

  • Relocated to a more scalable and flexible space
  • Appointed a chief operating officer
  • Trained new managers to offload leadership
  • Emphasized growing its niche areas
  • Engaged in new, high margin projects from brands
  • Created a marketing plan to raise awareness and recognition of its offerings
  • Exceeded its short term revenue targets