Castlebrook Media and Marketing Works: A Perfect Fit

Keith Dailey, Castlebrook MediaMarketing Works has had the pleasure of working with many tremendous business partners in our 30-year history. A couple of the key criterion we use in selecting business partners is that they fit our values and deliver the results desired by our clients. One partner that is the perfect fit for us is Castlebrook Media (Castlebrook).

Castlebrook is a strategic media planning and development company focused on delivering improved ROI for its clients. The company is led by Keith Dailey, who has leveraged his deep experience in media planning and placement to create a team focused on delivering measurable value to clients.

Keith and his team work closely with Marketing Works to develop define the right message and approach to reach the client’s target audience through a potential media mix consisting of: TV, radio, digital (SEO, SEM, social, display, retargeting, and pre-roll), print and/or outdoor.

One client we worked on together was Feazel, Inc., a residential home services company serving Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland. What follows is a case study for the work completed by the Castlebrook team for this client.

Project Type
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  • Expand geographic outreach into the Cincinnati and Cleveland markets
  • Achieve first and second page rankings for key terms (did not appear in top 10 pages prior to relationship)
  • Increase online leads by 50%


  • Exceeded page rankings goal by generating 38 first and second page rankings, including 18 in the Cincinnati market, 13 in the Columbus market and 7 in the Cleveland market
  • Increased organic traffic to the optimized pages by 314% year-over-year
  • Increased leads by 980% through the optimized pages and online forms

Program Overview
Feazel Roofing was acquired by new owners in 2013. The new owners wished to expand their geographical reach beyond Columbus, and their service offering beyond roofing to windows and other residential services. While Feazel ranked well for important search keywords in the roofing category for the Columbus market, they were not visible in in other markets or for other services.

The Castlebrook team undertook a comprehensive SEO campaign to address this issue for Feazel beginning in March of 2016.

Program Elements and Approach
In order to rank in the search engines for any given keyword, two factors must be addressed: relevance and popularity. Relevance is defined as having relevant content on the web pages, organized around the keywords, and in the right places where the search engines look for them. Popularity is defined by the quality and the quantity of links coming into the web pages, as well as social signals the search engines pick up online around those pages.

In order to achieve relevance, the team optimized 18 pages of the Feazel site and reorganized the information architecture of those sections based on SEO best practices.

After the on-page optimization for those 18 pages was completed, the team began a comprehensive off-page optimization campaign utilizing business directories and off-page blogs on powerful third-party sites to build links and social signals.

Throughout the campaign, key performance indicators (KPI’s) such as rankings, organic visits through the new SEO pages and organic leads generated from the campaign were monitored and reported back to Feazel on a monthly basis.

We are proud of partnership with Keith and the Castlebrook team and look forward to many more years working together.

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