Client Spotlight: The Opticians Association of Ohio

The Opticians Association of Ohio (OAO) represents more than 3,200 licensed opticians and eye-care professionals throughout the state. Among the numerous opportunities available to OAO members is the chance to attend conferences over the course of the year to stay up-to-date with the latest in the eye-care industry. Partners are a crucial part of each conference’s success. So when OAO approached Marketing Works to create a new partnership packet for events it had to be a piece that would continue to attract potential sponsors.

Marketing Works collaborated with OAO to create a visually appealing packet that would excite and engage potential partners with enhanced messaging points. From the beginning of the design process, the team remembered to stay aware of the five important things a sponsorship packet should contain, which was covered in a previous blog post.

  1. Show your capabilities as an organization
  2. Clearly show different options
  3. Provide benefits
  4. Demonstrate need
  5. Reveal facts and figures

To freshen up the overall look of the packet a color scheme of orange, blue and green was incorporated throughout the design. Demographic information was added to the first page so potential partners could identify the specific audience they could reach. The pricing options are more appealing with an eye-catching sidebar that includes statistics. The scheduled events for 2014 were split into four different sections according to the regions in Ohio and the descriptions listed highlighted each respective venue.


The finished packet overall was more pleasing to the eye and continued to engage the reader with friendly and relevant messaging.

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