Create a Unique Experience Around Your Brand

The final trend in our blog series on marketing trends for 2020 is experiential marketing, which involves creating an immersive, physical experience centered around your brand. Whether that means allowing customers to gain hands-on experience with your product or simply holding an in-person or live-streamed event that conveys your brand’s culture and values, this is a trend that allows for more direct contact with your audience than the digital space usually allows.

Create Memories

The main goal of utilizing experiential marketing is to create an experience that, in turn, creates a positive memory that is directly related to your brand in the minds of your audience. To accomplish this goal, it is important that the brand itself is understood as the experience being offered. Your brand is more than just your logo. Your experiential event should convey your brand’s values and the messaging you want to convey to your audience. Creating an experience that accurately reflects the brand in a physical area can be challenging, but is necessary to create positive memories that consumers can associate with your brand. Here are a few examples of successful B2B experiential marketing events.

Plan Ahead to Measure Success

It is equally important for your business to understand your audience. Research their preferred methods of communication and learning. They may prefer emails, explanatory videos, or certain social media channels over others. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to plan before your experiential event, making sure that your event is unique to your brand. If your event can be easily duplicated by another brand, it won’t make for a very memorable experience. Encourage participants to share their event experience on their social media as a way of getting word out to more of your target audience. Measure the level of social media buzz your event garners and use surveys to gather feedback about whether your event provided your audience with a unique and positive experience.

See the Results

According to research, nearly three quarters of consumers said that interacting with branded experiential events makes them more likely to purchase the products that are being promoted. Additional research concluded that anywhere from half to three quarters of word-of-mouth interactions are attributed to experiential events. By creating new customer relationships and increasing brand recognition through social media sharing, your business will see the results of utilizing experiential marketing reflected in your leads and sales.


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