Design-Build Saves You Time and Money. But Can You Say it?

Whether it’s building a gas processing plant, interstate highway or bridge, water pump station or running miles of above ground or sub aqueous pipeline and cable, having a single partner provide designs and construction services to you, as an owner, can be monumentally helpful. Design-build, a method of project delivery, is becoming one of the most significant delivery method trends in the design and construction industries today. As a provider of this, of course, you already know this. But can you clearly convey the benefits to your would-be customers?

In today’s market, it is critical to know what makes your company different and be able to communicate that difference in a clear, concise way. And even more importantly, what benefits you can deliver that are different then your competitor. That’s where Energy Marketers comes in. What sets you apart is ultimately why you are awarded a project versus the other guy. After all, those being considered are all there for the same reason. They all can deliver the same service.

It is absolutely imperative your company’s messaging says the right thing and is directed to the right audience. In order to clearly convey these differentiators, it is important to tell the story of your services in a clear way that resonates with your customer. So, if your company is capable of design-build and you are trying to stand out, how do you convey the value? Focus on the benefits:

Using design-build allows for a more cooperative partnership by only using one team from the start of a project to its completion. Compared to design-bid-build, a more traditional method where the design and construction duties are split, design-build has several benefits:

  • An integrated team working toward achieving the same goal
  • A single point of contact for the client to easily work closely and communicate with at every step of the process
  • The ability to identify potential construction problems early in the project and reduce the chance of things going wrong during construction
  • Using one team eliminates a second contract during the design phase, ensuring the possibility of construction at the time it is designed
  • If problems arise, design and construction can continue throughout the project
  • The work flow is unified from beginning to end of the project
  • A shorter timeframe is required for project completion, reducing the level of staff commitment and costs
  • Designer and builder expertise is shared at the design phase, guaranteeing a more cost-effective design
  • The design-build team takes on responsibility of risks, leading to a reduced potential for claims and litigation after project completion
  • Your company is ensured a completed project within the allotted budget

Design-Build Benefits

If you are using the design-build method and are having trouble communicating this to your customers, contact us to set up a free consultation. Our Energy Marketers practice group, powered by Marketing Works, has the experience and knowledge in the Energy, Construction and Engineering industries to be able to help let you stand out from your competitors. Visit our Energy Marketers page to learn more.


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