Everything You Need to Know About the LinkedIn Publishing Feature

If you’re active on LinkedIn, you probably follow Influencers who post about relevant industry topics, career advice and professional insights. This publishing feature was originally only accessible to these LinkedIn Influencers who are the top voices in business (including Bill Gates, President Barack Obama and Martha Stewart). These Influencers were hand picked by LinkedIn due to their experience and thought leadership.

Last month, LinkedIn announced that they are opening the publishing feature to all users. The publishing platform allows users to publish blog-style content, which varies from the standard status update. The original content becomes a part of the member’s professional profile and is shared with their network. Right now, the publishing feature is being rolled out in phases. Today, 25,000 LinkedIn users have the ability to publish content on LinkedIn. Eventually, all members will have access to this publishing feature.

Now, what’s the big deal about being able to publish content on LinkedIn? We’ve put together a list of the publishing features top three advantages:

  • Showcasing thought leadership. LinkedIn users can publish content on this platform to share their expertise on a particular issue, such as recent industry trends or professional experiences, and provide key takeaways for readers. The opportunity to post these updates without character restrictions provides more opportunity for a LinkedIn user to displaying strengths and expertise to increase influence.
  • Potential to be featured on LinkedIn channels. The news section of a LinkedIn profile provides updates that are
    split up into various channels that are customized based on your profile description and interests. If LinkedIn your post receives significant attention or is viewed as quality insight, it is more likely to be featured in the appropriate LinkedIn channel. Therefore, if readers want to find articles related to the topic of your post, they can find it even if they are not in your direct network.
  • Encouraging more interaction and engagement. LinkedIn Influencers tend to provide content that inspires users to comment or ask questions. Make sure to regularly check in to see what types of interactions exist and engage with your audience. Being active in these discussions will likely enhance the overall engagement on your posts. Because an average Influencer post is viewed about 31,000 times, there is more engagement with these blog posts than standard status updates.


Are you interested in joining the 25,000 other LinkedIn users who already have access to the publishing feature? Well you’re in luck! You can apply for early access.

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