HMB Helps Enterprises Leverage Technology to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Client Spotlight: HMBHMB Logo

Marketing Works is excited to announce HMB, a Columbus-based business technology services firm, as a new client.

A Microsoft Certified Partner for more than a decade, HMB helps mid-to-large sized enterprises leverage technology solutions to meet business objectives. Their team provides technology consulting and IT services to help clients accelerate time to market and efficiently gain a competitive advantage.

Over the past few years, HMB has experienced company growth due to a strategic shift in their business model. Marketing Works is teaming up with HMB to develop a strategic communication plan in support of the company’s aggressive growth strategy. Helping them to transition back to initial goals and hone in on their technology expertise, software development and implementation will enable the company to reach the next level. The new model provides bigger, better and added capabilities.

We invite you to visit to learn more about HMB and the professional technology services they offer.

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