Holiday Gift Guide for PR and Marketing Pros

Are you struggling to find a relatable gift for the PR/marketing pro in your life? It’s true; we can be difficult at times! Either we don’t have a moment to stop and write a wish list, or we overpopulated our Pinterst boards with “must have” items. This year we’ll make it easy. Here is a list of five fun items that will match our quirky personas.

  1. Like and Dislike Stamps: You’ll be hard pressed to find a PR or marketing professional that hasn’t imagined stamping one of these Facebook buttons on a news release, piece of collateral, article or email. Let us live out the harmless dream!
  2. Bananagrams: With an undeniable love for grammar, writing and editing copy, there’s nothing better than gifting us a word game. The portable Bananagrams will be a hit that we can toss in our bags for impromptu parties, get-togethers or coffee dates.
  3. Table Topics: Whether it’s for public speaking practice, prep for networking events, or just for fun, this simple game is one your wordy friends will love. At our office we often open meetings with a Table Topics card to get our juices flowing.

  4. Logo Board Game: If you want to put our consumer knowledge to the test, The Logo Board Game is a classic. The game is full of trivia on popular brands and allows us to let loose our competitive side. Word to the wise: you’ll want us to be on your team.

  5. Coffee of the Month Club: If you’re feeling more traditional, coffee club memberships never go out of style.  With nonstop schedules and plenty of late nights or early mornings, we LOVE coffee. Actually, we live off of it. Looking forward to new fresh flavors each month will help us stay perky. (Local Columbus, OH coffee roaster, Silver Bridge, offers flavored, traditional and decaf club memberships.)

Gift giving is meant to be enjoyable, so we hope this list helps simplify your holiday season!

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