How to Create an Awesome Infographic

We’ve all seen facts and figures listed in an article or on a piece of paper, but if you’re looking to present your message in a more exciting and visually appealing way, infographics are a great option. They present your subject information on a graphic image that’s easily read and understood. They’re so versatile that there are no set restrictions on the type of design you should use or the information you’re presenting. However, not all infographics are created equal. If you want your infographic to get shared on social media time and time again, keep reading to find out how.


  1. Use the Right ToolsThis link will show you nine inforgraphic tools and softwares to use when creating your own. Different tools will offer you different ways to create your infographic, since, you may be interested in creating a bar graph, a world cloud or free icons. Be open to new options too, you never know what new tool may make your infographic better!
  2. Make Your Facts Simple – The whole idea of an infographic is to punch up the presentation of your message. But if your content is somewhat complicated, don’t dumb it down just for the infographic. Make sure the figures you are stating are easy to understand and follow a natural story progression.
  3. Think of Your Audience – Maybe you’re using it in a PowerPoint presentation, or sharing it on Twitter and Facebook. Whatever way you’re getting your information out there; don’t forget who your target audience is. It can be easy to get carried away with too many facts or crazy graphics, but if you’re not speaking your audience’s language or using images they can relate to, your message won’t translate.
  4. Make it Visually Appealing – In other words, make it fun! Sketch out a graph of some ideas you have, along with any images or colors you’d like in there too. This is a great opportunity to do some branded work, so be sure to go over your brand guidelines to find the right colors and logos. This website will help you get started with the design if you’re looking for some inspiration!
  5. Get Your Message Across – Does all of this information actually have a purpose or is just a jumble of facts and figures? If there isn’t a clear message from top to bottom, your hard work creating the infographic won’t pay off. Think about what’s most relevant and informative, and the takeaway you’re providing for your audience. This article on creating a popular infographic does a good job of explaining this process.

Have you created an infographic before? Let us know what you think makes for a great one in the comments! 

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