Make the Rebranding Process Easier

Consistency is important when going through branding or rebranding exercises. To ensure the highest level of visibility for your company or client, you need to have a steady presence across all web channels.

With the popularity of social media it can be difficult to secure your company’s desired username. Before making any fundamental naming decisions be sure to check availability across all platforms.

As you go through the branding brainstorm process checking Twitter, Facebook, Digg, WordPress, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. for availability is extremely time consuming, but necessary.

Make it easier for your team by visiting only two websites to answer all your questions. First, to check url availability and price. Second, visit to determine if your desired username is obtainable on almost 100 different social networking and social bookmarking websites. NameChk will instantly show you what is still accessible.

You can save an exorbitant amount of time and ensure better brand visibility by using these resources. Check them out!

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