Marketing Internship Lessons Learned and Lessons to Learn

I can’t believe I’m already halfway through my marketing internship with Marketing Works! Time sure does fly, especially when you’re having fun.

In the first month and a half that I’ve been interning at Marketing Works, I’ve learned so many important things. Being in a fast-paced agency environment, there are a lot of moving parts and a variety of initiatives to take part in each day. Three of the most important lessons that I have learned so far are…

1. Having a blog strategy in place is more important than you think!
If you’ve been keeping up with our latest blog posts, you will know that most of them have been written by yours truly! I’ve been researching the various types of blog posts out there (including product launch, client news, events and more). It’s crucial to have a compelling introduction, followed by a body with important information and to wrap it up with a strong conclusion. Blogs are meant to share information your audience can take away and use themselves so it’s imperative to stay relevant and provide up-to-date information.

2. Have you checked up on what your competitors are doing lately?
In the majority of the client projects I’ve been a part of, I’ve helped to conduct components of a MW 360º SMProcess. It’s essential to compare your company to others in the industry and make sure you set yourself apart from the competition. Analyzing your competitors’ social presence is a great way to see how your company measures up in terms of engagement. This will also help in developing content ideas to make sure you are differentiating yourself from competitors. Clients or customers will choose your business if you stand out from your competition.

3. Facebook & Twitter continue to evolve!
There have been so many updates and changes to social media channels lately and there are even more to come! Facebook just recently celebrated its ten year anniversary and shared images of Facebook then and now. That really showed just how many changes have been implemented! An increase in analytics features has been implemented, not just on Facebook, but on Twitter as well. On Facebook there is a more detailed description of follower demographics and it tells you which posts received the most engagement from your audience. Analytics on Twitter are similar, but follower demographics also include their interests and other Twitter accounts they follow. Twitter is gearing up for a completely new design, too. Its new layout is expected to look more similar to Facebook.

Even though I’ve already learned about many important aspects of marketing, I am still eager to learn more! Two lessons I would like to learn are…

1. Writing a Compelling Press Release – So far, I’ve received a taste of what goes into writing a press release but I would like to learn more about what makes a press release captivating. There are many different purposes for press releases, but what do you need to include in your press release to make sure you spark your audience’s interest? And then taking it a step further to how to pitch that press release, how do you know which types of publications to target?

2. Ideal Marketing for Specific Industries – At Marketing Works we have clients in industries across the board, including healthcare, insurance, energy, workers compensation and more. I would like to learn if different marketing methods work better for other industries. Are different industries more active on social media than others? Is branding more important for one industry over another? There are so many different areas of marketing and I am still learning which aspects are more concentrated in various industries.

Aside from these marketing-specific lessons I’ve learned and would like to learn, I feel I’ve enhanced my time management skills, ability to prioritize and communication skills. I am excited to see what the rest of my internship has in store for me!

Marketing Intern Lesley

What are some important lessons you’ve learned during internships? Let us know in the comments section below!

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