Meeting of the Minds: The Marketing Measurement Conundrum: Understanding your Marketing ROI & KPIs

How many business owners and chief executive officers feel confident that marketing initiatives are tied to their organization’s business goals and objectives? And, what is the biggest obstacle most companies face when it comes to measurement of their marketing initiatives? We discussed the challenge of measuring marketing ROI during our latest Meeting of the Minds event on November 10 held at The Refectory.

Stacy Wood, Vice President and Chief Strategist of Marketing Works, and Sarah Berger, VP of Marketing for Optum Health, led the interactive session. Key insights and tools were shared to help CEOs and Marketing Executives work together to identify their KPIs to better ensure a return on their investment.

To summarize, here are key takeaways from the event:

  1. Listen to the market
  2. Understand the competitive landscape
  3. Know your share of voice
  4. Keep a pulse on client state of health
  5. Monitor team engagement
  6. Define business success and share with marketing
  7. Build the marketing strategy based on the business goal
  8. Create a filter to determine what initiatives to start, stop and continue
  9. Report regularly on results
  10. Know the impact of each initiative on the business goal

To better understand your marketing ROI and KPIs, contact Stacy Wood to schedule a complimentary one-on-one session.

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