My Marketing Works Internship Experience

It’s my last week at Marketing Works and I honestly can’t believe these three months went by so quickly! After assessing my time here, I feel more prepared and less nervous as I apply for jobs in the public relations field. I learned all that I set out to here at Marketing Works and I am confident that I will transfer my experience to my future profession.

During my first week at Marketing Works I presented on what I was looking forward to gaining from this internship experience. The specific things I wanted out of the internship included: getting cozy with the B2B side of marketing, experience the fast-paced agency life and overall enhancing my knowledge within the marketing and PR realm.

I never heard of lead generation or marketing automation until this B2B internship came into my life. I was brand new to the B2B side of marketing so I had little knowledge of the best practices that go into the strategic process of prospecting and retaining potential business clients. Now, I can identify an appropriate message and tell you what marketing approaches work most effectively for B2B clients.

A taste of the fast-paced agency life was definitely delivered. It was neat to interact in a dynamic environment where each team member, with a specific role within the agency, uses their unique strength to tackle a variety of industries. Working with different industries – from energy to healthcare – takes a big breadth of industry-specific knowledge. You are constantly shifting gears, which keeps things interesting and challenging.

As for overall enhancing my marketing and PR knowledge, check. The full-service marketing agency life gave me an extremely valuable experience that will help me as I move on to the next phase in my career. In addition to my deeper understanding of the marketing process and my experience in PR and media relations, I had the opportunity to constantly learn from the team.

Looking back at my last blog post to see what I learned in my first 30 days, I can say that the Marketing Works team played a huge role in the lessons I learned. Now I can say that they, too, played a major role in the experience I’ve gained.


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