With patient satisfaction driving healthcare reimbursements, providers and ancillary services face unique business and marketing challenges. When you want a strategic marketing partner who understands the pressure of healthcare reform on your internal operations as well as referral relationships and patient care, you can rely on Marketing Works’ healthcare experience. From specialized physician practice groups to hospitals and medical receivables management, TPA or technology companies, the healthcare landscape is one we are comfortable navigating.

Marketing Works has more than 25 years experience in branding, positioning, and marketing healthcare providers and ancillary services:

  • Gathering intelligence used for positioning and on-target messaging
  • Attracting and retaining self-pay patients
  • Relationship marketing programs to referring physicians
  • Branding or re-branding and alignment
  • Crisis communication
  • Merger/acquisition communication strategy and change management facilitation
  • Launching new specialty areas
  • Generating thought leadership and distributing through speaking engagements, byline articles, social and traditional media
  • Lead generation and retention programs
  • Strategy and management of special events and trade show exhibits
  • Reputation management and online reviews

Marketing Works offers smart and strategic healthcare-specific marketing to help you grow and thrive in a challenging environment.

Contact Bill Kiefaber to learn more and see how you can leverage our knowledge to get results based on how you define success.