PRIUM Workers’ Compensation Symposium Serves as Successful Knowledge Marketing Initiative


PRIUM helps workers’ compensation payers eliminate or wean unnecessary medications from injured worker treatment regimens. The company, which places strong emphasis on helping its clients navigate challenges such as opioid misuse and abuse and evolving regulations, was looking for a new opportunity to increase its presence as a thought leader in the market.

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Marketing Works brainstormed several ideas, including an exclusive, invitation only summit that would bring PRIUM clients together to discuss industry challenges. The client determined that the creation of a summit would distinguish PRIUM from competitors and would also serve as an opportunity to engage prospects and current clients. The date identified for the event was April, to coincide with the National RX Drug Abuse Summit, which was being held in Atlanta (where PRIUM was headquartered). The event would feature TED-like presentations, discussions and interactive polling. The challenge was that the event plan was not approved until December, leaving only four months to execute the event.


The PRIUM Worker’s Compensation Payer Symposium, was set for April 21, the day after Easter. It was determined that the event would have an innovative appeal to align with PRIUM’s existing brand positioning. Save the dates and invitations were created using icons, black and bright green to keep with the theme. The room for the symposium was set up in a square to promote discussions. The agenda for the event was separated into three key sections on the past, present and future of workers’ compensation challenges for payers. A whiteboard video was produced to introduce and set the tone for the day. Three keynotes were presented in TED fashion and a panel of physicians participated in a Q&A on their perspectives on prescription drug utilization issues. An interactive polling session was conducted at the end of the event to assess the 40 participating executives’ knowledge of and opinions on policy and other trends affecting their workers’ compensation claims.

After the event, Marketing Works created a high-impact follow-up piece to send to attendees. It was created in the form of an online flipbook and focused on insights gleaned from the polling session. It also featured a section that provided PRIUM’s perspectives on the state of the workers’ compensation industry. Other elements of the flipbook included the whiteboard video and keynote speaker presentations.


  • PRIUM’s objective of maintaining its position as a thought leader was fulfilled
  • Forty executives attended the symposium
  • Feedback from all session attendees was positive
  • PRIUM determined that it would do a similar event in the future
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