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When I was 15, I moved from Shaker Heights, OH a half an hour south to Hudson, OH. I found myself in a new city where I didn’t know the roads and a new environment where I didn’t know the people either. The one constant that I knew I could rely on was the comfort of the library. I started volunteering as soon as I could and took in every experience. When I was 16, I was hired as a page shelving books and exploring the stacks that I had come to know so well. The love of literature drew me to the library, but my love for organization quickly sprung me to exercise my strong interpersonal skills by helping customers find exactly what they needed, as well as spreading my positive personality by doing it so with a smile. In the six years that I worked for the library, I expanded my horizons in ways I could have never imagined.

Fast-forward to the years that followed. After I went off to attend Wittenberg University, again, I was thrust into a new environment where I didn’t know the people and in a place where I didn’t know the roads. However, this time I wasn’t as afraid, I found myself using the foundation I had built my work ethic on during my first few years at the library to grow and learn even more. I declared an English major where honed in on my strong writing and analytical skills. I joined organizations and worked my way up to a position on the executive board where I used my organizational skills to create new events around campus, advertise these events and attract people to attend these events. My junior year of college, my love of literature came full circle when I joined the staff of the Wittenberg Review of Literature and Art, Wittenberg’s annual literary magazine. This opportunity gave me the chance to embrace my love of reading and negotiate with a team of 10 other readers to decide what pieces would be featured in the magazine. Through the variety of organizations I became involved in throughout college, I learned that each new experience should be approached with an open mind, because I never knew what I was going to learn.

So now I am an intern. I want my horizons to be broadened even further. I want my mind to be expanded beyond my expectations – I want to learn. Through this internship, I would like to expand my knowledge of marketing techniques by working with different companies and learning how they would like their company to be represented. I would also like to gain even more experience in collaborating with colleagues to reach the common goal of having a satisfied customer as well as collaborating with the customer to ensure their satisfaction as well. But overall, I would like to gain experience in the field of marketing that I find so intriguing and that I recognize that there is still so much to be learned and many roads to be explored.

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