So you’ve secured a speaking engagement, now what?

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In my last duo of blog posts (part 1, part 2), I gave readers a quick overview on the value of thought leadership. So let’s conjure up a scenario in which you dedicated yourself to some quality thought leadership, submitted a proposal for an industry conference and landed a speaking gig. How do you take this opportunity to the next level?

There are several methods Marketing Works employs to leverage speaking events for our clients such as a press release, inviting key media and prospects to the event and promotion via social media. But for many, there is an untapped opportunity to increase ROI during the event using in-presentation technology.

The ability to engage the audience is now surprisingly easy with technologies* supporting responses via text, smartphone (follow-along and keyword entry), web, iPad, Twitter and widget.  Functionality can include:

  • Multiple choice polls
    • Display results in bar (horizontal), column (vertical), list, stacked series (team competitions and segmentation)
    • Message/open response
      • Show results in linear, floating, marquee ticker, one-at-a-time display

Wondering how much you can actually accomplish with those functions? Well, quite a bit:

  • Capture lead contact information
  • Ask poll questions about variety of topics (e.g., pain points, industry trends, relevance of presentation, etc.)
    • Display responses in real-time within presentation
    • Solicit blog subscriptions via survey
      • “Enter your email address to be subscribed to our blog.”
      • Solicit questions from the audience

And it doesn’t stop there! Take the information from the in-presentation poll and leverage for content marketing. Tweet a stat. Publish a blog post on solicited industry pain points. Supplement an infographic with your graphs. There are several ways to leverage the in-presentation technology.

Wondering how it will work for you? Leave us a comment and we can start a brainstorm!


*We are kind of partial to Poll Everywhere, a great service that supports all of the above-mentioned tactics!

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